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Annotation Project Administration

This example uses the Project class and Task class to check annotation task status and submit new tasks.

from webknossos import AnnotationState, Project, Task

def main() -> None:
    # Assume running annotation project with previously created tasks.
    # Compare WEBKNOSSOS documentation at

    # Fetch statistics about how many annotation tasks have been completed yet.
    sample_project = Project.get_by_name("sampleProject")
    tasks = sample_project.get_tasks()
    total_active_instances = sum([task.status.active_instance_count for task in tasks])
    total_pending_instances = sum(
        [task.status.pending_instance_count for task in tasks]
        f"There are {total_active_instances} active and {total_pending_instances} pending task instances."

    # Find and download all of the project’s annotations that are already finished by annotators
    finished_annotations = []
    for task in tasks:
        for annotation_info in task.get_annotation_infos():
            if annotation_info.state == AnnotationState.FINISHED:
                finished_annotation = annotation_info.download_annotation()

    assert len(finished_annotations) > 0, "No annotations are finished yet!"

    # Assume a second task type is in place that instructs annotators to take the previously created
    # annotations and perform a secondary annotation step on them
    # (e.g. first task is to seed positions, second is to fully label around those)

    task_type_id = "61f90e4efe0100b102553009"  # from WEBKNOSSOS web interface
    tasks = Task.create_from_annotations(
        task_type_id=task_type_id,  # New task type instructs annotators what to do in the task
        needed_experience_domain="sampleExp",  # Only annotators with the experience "sampleExp" of at least value 2 will get this task
    print(f"New tasks: {tasks}")

if __name__ == "__main__":