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class Project:

Data class containing information about a WEBKNOSSOS project

Project( project_id: str, name: str, team_id: str, team_name: str, owner_id: Union[str, NoneType], priority: int, paused: bool, expected_time: Union[int, NoneType])

Method generated by attrs for class Project.

project_id: str
name: str
team_id: str
team_name: str
owner_id: Union[str, NoneType]
priority: int
paused: bool
expected_time: Union[int, NoneType]
def get_by_id(cls, project_id: str) -> webknossos.administration.project.Project:

Returns the project specified by the passed id if your token authorizes you to see it.

def get_by_name(cls, name: str) -> webknossos.administration.project.Project:

Returns the user specified by the passed name if your token authorizes you to see it.

def get_tasks( self, fetch_all: bool = False) -> list[webknossos.administration.task.Task]:

Returns the tasks of this project. Note: will fetch only the first 1000 entries by default, warns if that means some are missing. set parameter pass fetch_all=True to use pagination to fetch all tasks iteratively with pagination.

def get_owner(self) -> webknossos.administration.user.User:

Returns the user that is the owner of this task