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class Mag:

Represents the magnification level of a data layer. For example, the finest quality is usually not downsampled and is represented by Mag(1). When data is downsampled by a factor of 4 in all dimensions, this is referred to as Mag(4). When data is downsampled anisotropically by 2 in x and y and not downsampled in z, this is referred to as Mag(2, 2, 1).

Mag(mag: Any)

Method generated by attrs for class Mag.

x: int
y: int
z: int
max_dim: int
max_dim_log2: int
def to_layer_name(self) -> str:
def to_long_layer_name(self) -> str:
def to_list(self) -> List[int]:
def to_np(self) -> numpy.ndarray:
def to_vec3_int(self) -> webknossos.geometry.vec3_int.Vec3Int:
def to_tuple(self) -> Tuple[int, int, int]: