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This package package provides methods to modify or interact with webKnossos resources.

The core classes and can be created and saved as shown:

Create ✨ Open/Load 📂 Save 💾 Download 📥 Upload 📤
Dataset Dataset(​…) Dataset.​open(…) N/A1 Dataset.​download(…) dataset_obj.​upload(…)
Annotation N/A yet Annotation.​load(…)…) Annotation.​download(…)2 N/A yet
Skeleton Skeleton(​…) Skeleton.​load(…) skeleton_obj.​save(…) only in an annotation only in an annotation

Additionally, we provide the geometrical primitives Vec3Int, BoundingBox and Mag.

webKnossos user information can be retrieved via the [User](webknossos/client/user.html#User) class.

  1. Since the state of a dataset is continously persisted it cannot be saved. 

  2. Downloaded annotations are not persisted on disk so far. 


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