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class AnnotationInfo:

Data class containing information about a WEBKNOSSOS annotation

AnnotationInfo( id: str, owner_id: Union[str, NoneType], name: str, description: str, type: webknossos.annotation.annotation.AnnotationType, state: webknossos.annotation.annotation.AnnotationState, duration_in_seconds: Union[float, NoneType], modified: Union[int, NoneType])

Method generated by attrs for class AnnotationInfo.

id: str
owner_id: Union[str, NoneType]
name: str
description: str
duration_in_seconds: Union[float, NoneType]
modified: Union[int, NoneType]
def download_annotation(self) -> webknossos.annotation.annotation.Annotation:

Downloads and returns the annotation that is discribed by this AnnotationInfo object

user_id: Union[str, NoneType]