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#   def time_start(identifier: str) -> None:
#   def time_stop(identifier: str) -> None:
#   def get_executor_for_args( args: Union[argparse.Namespace, NoneType], executor: Union[cluster_tools.schedulers.cluster_executor.ClusterExecutor, cluster_tools.executors.multiprocessing.MultiprocessingExecutor, NoneType] = None ) -> AbstractContextManager[Union[cluster_tools.schedulers.cluster_executor.ClusterExecutor, cluster_tools.executors.multiprocessing.MultiprocessingExecutor]]:
#   def named_partial( func: Callable[..., Any], *args: Any, **kwargs: Any ) -> Callable[..., Any]:
#   def wait_and_ensure_success( futures: List[concurrent.futures._base.Future], progress_desc: Union[str, NoneType] = None ) -> List[Any]:

Waits for all futures to complete and raises an exception as soon as a future resolves with an error.

#   def snake_to_camel_case(snake_case_name: str) -> str:
#   def get_chunks(arr: List[Any], chunk_size: int) -> Iterable[List[Any]]:
#   def time_since_epoch_in_ms() -> int:
#   def setup_warnings() -> None:
#   def setup_logging(args: argparse.Namespace) -> None:
#   def add_verbose_flag(parser: argparse.ArgumentParser) -> None:
#   def get_rich_progress() -> rich.progress.Progress:
#   def warn_deprecated(deprecated_item: str, alternative_item: str) -> None:
#   def is_fs_path(path: pathlib.Path) -> bool:
#   def rmtree(path: pathlib.Path) -> None:
#   def copytree(in_path: pathlib.Path, out_path: pathlib.Path) -> None:
#   class LazyReadOnlyDict(typing.Mapping[~K, ~V]):

Abstract base class for generic types.

A generic type is typically declared by inheriting from this class parameterized with one or more type variables. For example, a generic mapping type might be defined as::

class Mapping(Generic[KT, VT]): def __getitem__(self, key: KT) -> VT: ... # Etc.

This class can then be used as follows::

def lookup_name(mapping: Mapping[KT, VT], key: KT, default: VT) -> VT: try: return mapping[key] except KeyError: return default

#   LazyReadOnlyDict(entries: Dict[~K, ~C], func: Callable[[~C], ~V])
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