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We provide several free, open-source libraries and tools alongside WEBKNOSSOS to aid with data analysis.

WEBKNOSSOS Python Library

  • webknossos-libs
  • Read The Docs
  • Our official Python library for working with WEBKNOSSOS datasets, skeleton and volume annotations and for downloading/uploading data from your WEBKNOSSOS instance through the REST API.
  • Read & write WEBKNOSSOS datasets and *.wkw files (raw image data and volume segmentations)
  • Read & write *.nml files (skeleton annotations)
  • Download, modify and upload datasets to WEBKNOSSOS


webKnossos Wrap Data Format (wkw)

  • webknossos-wrap
  • Library for low-level read and write operations to wkw datasets
  • Use the WEBKNOSSOS Python API above for easy-to-use, high-level access to wkw datasets
  • Available for Python, MATLAB, C/C++, and others

MATLAB NML Functions