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A picture is worth a thousand words. In this spirit, you can use WEBKNOSSOS to create eye-catching animations of your datasets as a video clip. You can use these short movies as part of a presentation, website, for social media or to promote a publication.

Creating an Animation

Creating an animation is easy:

  1. Open any dataset or annotation that you want to use for your animation.
  2. Optionally, load some 3D meshes for any segments that you wish to highlight.
  3. For larger datasets, use the bounding box tool to create a bounding box around your area of interest. Smaller datasets can be used in their entirety.
  4. From the Menu dropdown in navbar at the top of the screen, select "Create Animation".
  5. Configure the animation options as desired, i.e. camera movement or resolution.
  6. Click the Start animation button to launch the animation creation.

Either periodically check the background jobs page or wait for an email confirmation to download the animation video file. Creating an animation may take a while, depending on the selected bounding box size and the number of included 3D meshes.

WEBKNOSSOS Team plans and above have access to high definition (HD) resolution videos and more options.