Migration Guide

Last updated 4 months ago

All migrations of webKnossos are documented in this file.

This project adheres to Calendar Versioning 0Y.0M.MICRO. User-facing changes are documented in the changelog.



Postgres Evolutions:

18.12.0 - 2018-11-26

  • If additional dataset directories were watched using the config key additionalFolders, those symlinks are no longer updated. Consider setting up additional datastores for these directories respectively.

Postgres Evolutions:

18.11.0 - 2018-10-29

  • Some config keys have changed, if you overwrite them in your setup, please adapt: the oxalis prefix is renamed to webKnossos so the new keys are webKnossos.user.time.tracingPauseInSeconds, webKnossos.tasks.maxOpenPerUser, webKnossos.newOrganizationMailingList as well as datastore.webKnossos.uri, datastore.webKnossos.secured, datastore.webKnossos.pingIntervalMinutes for the data store.

  • There is now a separate module for the tracingstore, the datastore is no longer responsible for saving tracings. This module can run as a standalone application, or as a module of webKnossos locally. It is recommended that you choose the option that was previously also in place for datastores. In case of a standalone datastore, the local one needs to be disabled in application.conf: tracingstore.enabled = false and play.modules.disabled += "com.scalableminds.braingames.datastore.TracingStoreModule – and in either case, the adress of the tracingstore (localhost or remote) needs to be inserted in the db in webknossos.tracingStores.

  • The FossilDB version has changed from 0.1.10 to 0.1.14.

  • The FossilDB needs to be run with an additional column family volumeUpdates.

  • If your setup overwrites the config key play.http.router to disable the local datastore, change it to "noDS.Routes" (or "noDS.noTS.Routes" to also disable the local tracingstore).

Postgres Evolutions:

18.10.0 - 2018-09-22

Postgres Evolutions:

Configuration Changes:

  • some keys in application.conf have changed, if you overwrite them in your setup, please adapt: application.secret is now play.http.secret.key, postgres.* is now slick.db.*

  • Logger configuration has been simplified. Webknossos no longer comes with multiple logger config xmls, so if your setup selected a specific one of these, that needs to be removed (or a custom file needs to be supplied). Same for standalone datastore.

Data Migrations:

  • Use tools/volumeAddFallbackLayer.py to add a fallback segmentation layer to existing volume tracing zip files (also compare CHANGELOG.md).

18.09.0 - 2018-08-20

Postgres Evolutions:

18.08.0 - 2018-07-23

Postgres Evolutions:

18.07.0 - 2018-07-05

First release